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Lazy Three Bar Ranch

Miniature Zebu Cattle

We are beyond excited with the addition of miniature cattle to our ranch. Miniature Zebu are a fun and unique cattle choice. Our herd has a variety of colors including brindle, brown, minimal spotting, and grey. They are friendly and personable, loving treats and scratches. 

Zebu are cattle that are originally from the jungles of South Asia. They adapt very well to warm weather unlike other breeds of cattle. Their smaller size is thought to be one of the reasons they do so well in warm climates. They are “known” for their unique characteristic of a hump on its upper back, located right behind their head and neck. The Zebu is one of the smallest species of cattle in the world. An adult Zebu should not exceed 42 inches when measured right behind the hump with short, straight, slick fur and weighing 300-600lbs at maturity.  Zebu are a nice manageable size of cattle and used for lighter agricultural work, lean meat, and high fat milk. In India, where the Zebu have been thought to be where they originated, they are a holy animal. Miniature Zebu have a wonderful temperament and the perfect size for your young showman or 4h'er.