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Lazy Three Bar Ranch


Miss Bonnie Sue


Grey Miniature Zebu

Bonnie is a robust cow with more bone. She unfortunately has a smaller hump then we would like but so many other great qualities. She had her first calf summer 2021 and we cant wait to see how she matures.

Jewels of Julianne


Grey Miniature Zebu

Julianne is a beautiful smaller, finer cow. She has a good size hump, and a lovely head. Julianne has produced multiple nice calves prior to use getting her.

Sheza Hazel Nut

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Pippi Longstockings


Brown Miniature Zebu

Pipi is a taller cow but has a great build and hump. We hope to breed her calves down a bit in size but she has many great qualities to add to the breed and our herd.

Chocolate Chip Brownie


Brown Miniature Zebu Cow

Brownie is the smallest of our herd and built like a brick. We hope to retain a couple heifer calves from her to add more variation in size in our herd. Brownie had a stunning little bull calf on her side prior to us purchasing her.